Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Everything is to be oriented towards the praise and glory of God. 

Our Mission

In the context of actively supporting the Vision and Mission of St Agnes Catholic Parish, Port Macquarie, we in the Catholic Care of the Aged will: 

  • Maintain excellence in service by providing professional, supporting and compassionate care appropriate to the needs of each person in our care and their families;
  • Be respectful of and actively promote the dignity and independence of each person in our care;
  • Apply Christian values of love, kindness and understanding in all we do irrespective of age, race, colour or creed; and
  • Work with colleagues to maintain a professional and cohesive team, accepting responsibility for our personal and professional development  and for respecting one another’s dignity and self-worth at all times. 

Our Philosophy 

•Catholic Care of the Aged (CCA) has adopted a person centred philosophy to reflect our Vision and Mission which means that:

•ALL care recipients, stakeholders and staff are respected as individuals. This philosophy is based on a solid understanding that care offered is the best evidence based care available.  

•We are committed to ensuring people feel loved, wanted and valued and their time with CCA is embraced with the dignity and security, which comes from knowing that life holds opportunities for growth, the ability to determine their own life decisions, for making a contribution and for continuing personal commitments to family, friends and new acquaintances.

•Quality of care is reflected in allowing each individual the space in which the person’s own unique vision of life can be allowed to flourish. 


Our Parish Values

  • Nourished by FAITH

  • Uncompromising INTEGRITY

  • Empowered to EXCELLENCE

  • SERVICE before self

  • Courageous STEWARDSHIP

  • United as 'ONE BODY'