Self Care Units

Since 2003 data has been kept to determine the reasons older people come to CCA.  The overwhelming reasons have been determined as the excellent reputation CCA has for delivering exceptional service across all levels of care combined with the provision of ongoing care, allowing residents to be able to move seamlessly through the different levels that may be required to suit their individual needs.

CCA has 220 two and three bedroom independent living (also known as retirement living or self care) units in two separate village complexes – St Agnes Village with 152 units on Ocean Drive, 4kms from the post office and Lourdes Village with 68 units close to the central business district, in Morton Street and Heather Street.

The units represent one stage of CCA’s aged care program, which also includes six aged cared facilities together with Community Care and a resident support service in the units.  The villages allow people to maintain independence in stylish and comfortable independent living units, enabling the enjoyment of a great community atmosphere.  Located in the beautiful rural environment of Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, these units allow our residents to be free from garden and building maintenance, to obtain a sense of security as well as offering companionship and access to other useful services and facilities.  As a major, local provider of community care, CCA can also offer community aged care services to our village residents.

Owning a unit entitles the occupants to ongoing care, once they have been assessed as requiring that care.  The normal entry contribution to the facilities is built into the purchase price of a unit.

If you are interested in our units please contact the Sales Manager on;
0407 843 515 or via email at