The process of enrolling to become a volunteer at Catholic Care of the Aged is designed to ensure that each volunteer is treated individually and provided with choices. You will also be provided with training and ongoing support through our Volunteer Program.

To ensure the safety of all those in our care, all volunteers are required to undergo a police check before commencing.

Help from volunteers can come in a number of different forms depending on the amount of time you can spare and the skills you possess. Volunteers can be involved at our residential aged care facilities, community aged care services or our day centre programs.

The duties of a volunteer will vary depending on individual skills, likes and dislikes.  Volunteering is a rewarding experience, knowing that you are enhancing the quality of life of another person. Volunteers really enhance the carer’s experience and wellbeing of the residents.

Our aim at CCA is to create an environment, which is happy, homely, caring and stimulating – the ultimate objective being quality of life for all our residents.  This is where Volunteers become a big part of our team, by being involved in the lifestyle side of residents care.  Have you a lifetime of experience or a special skill?  We can use your talents to share with others.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer please contact our Lifestyle and Volunteers Coordinator, Alison Sherratt on 5525 3601 or ASherratt@cca.stagnesparish.org.au.