Equal Opportunity

St Agnes Parish Port Macquarie is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity in line with our Vision and Mission to promote equity and social justice.  Equal Employment Opportunity means that merit and equity will form the basis of all decisions that affect Parish Workers.
To provide Equal Employment Opportunity St Agnes Parish aims to:

  • Promote and support Equal Employment Opportunity in all its activities
  • Eliminate discrimination on the grounds of
    • Race, colour, national or ethnic origin, or nationality
    • Sex or gender,sexual preference, marital or parental status, or pregnancy
    • Religious or political belief or activity, or industrial activity
    • Age
    • Disability
    • Or any other ground specified by the Parish and by Legislation 
  • Create an environment characterized by respect where Parish Workers are able to work free from discrimination or harassment
  • Use non-discriminatory, inclusive language in all official documents and encourage its use in St Agnes Parish
  • Identify groups who have experienced disadvantage in employment and develop programs to remedy that disadvantage
  • Ensure the application of the merit principal in recruitment, selection, reclassification and promotion
  • Provide equitable access to career development activities for all Parish Workers
  • Ensure effective consultation with Parish Workers at all levels, and where they choose, their nominated representative
  • Ensure the accountability of Managers for the implementation of the St Agnes Parish Equal Employment Opportunity policy

Research has identified four groups who may experience disadvantage in employment and St Agnes Parish is committed to advancing Equal Employment Opportunities for these groups:

  • Women
  • Indigenous Australians
  • People with disabilities
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

St Agnes Parish is committed to the development of an equal employment opportunity program involving positive steps to identify and eliminate discriminatory practices and introduce measures which will allow those identified in the above groups to equal employment opportunity.  Parish workers are chosen on their qualifications, experience and suitability for a particular position, which will enable the most meritorious person to be chosen for each position, thus eliminating preferential treatment.