School Fees Management

To maintain our excellent Catholic Education system in St Agnes's Parish, school fees are an unavoidable necessity.  The Government subsidies which apply to your child/children fund teaching establishment in each school and the specialist services for our schools.  Building costs and the day to day running costs of our Parish Schools are the responsibility of the Parish.

The extent of that responsibility will be understood when it is realised that these costs will add up to an amount of nearly four million dollars in 2011.  The bulk of this must be met from school fees although to keep these fees as low as possible, the Parish subsidises the costs to the extend of approximately half a million dollars.

With the benefit of extensive experience, we have established in the schools a benchmark fee that is reasonable and relative to a normal household.  This fee is adjusted annually to meet increasing costs and extraordinary items such as information technology, higher insurance premiums, new curricula etc.


The Parish has established this service for the administration and collection of all school fees.  It offers various options for the payment of fees including:

  • Payment in full at the beginning of the school year.  Attracts 5% discount (on school fee portion only)
  • Preferred option - Direct Debit payments - weekly/fortnightly/monthly through a Bank, Building Society or Credit Union - download a Direct Debit Form here.
  • Payment in 3 equal instalments during Terms 1,2 & 3 of the school year
  • Direct deposit book with the Commonwealth Bank - weekly/fortnightly/monthly payments
  • BPAY
  • EFTPOS - Mastercard, Debit Card, Visa, American Express and Diner's Club facilities are available at each of our schools and the Parish Administration Centre or by phoning (02) 6588 7444

On Centrelink benefits? - Centrepay option is available

While genuine inability to pay school fees will never be a cause of an enrolment being refused or discontinued, all families are expected to fulfil their individual commitment to the payment of fees and are therefore encouraged to adopt one of these methods of payment