Our Logo

After extensive consultation, the logo of St Joseph's Family Services was reshaped in 2009 to better reflect who we are and what we represent with respect to our current service delivery. The symbolism of the logo can be described in the following way:

The rainbow is symbolic of our roots and represents the heart of SJFS. It provides a sense of promise; hope (green), peace (blue), joy (yellow) and love (red), and represents the connection between human beings and the natural environment; earth, sky, sea, sun and fire. The rainbow as a wave is also symbolic of our coastal community.

The SJFS community is very diverse and continues to be expanded and reshaped. The varied and interlinked images reflect not only this diversity but also the goals of partnership, support, cooperation, connection and strength. Placed “under the rainbow” the images symbolise a sense of belonging, nurturing and protection ever present in our programs and reflected in our statement of purpose. The images are grouped to further reflect the many groups that shape who we are as an organisation.

The name of the organisation is together linked with the name of St Agnes Parish Port Macquarie as an acknowledgement of our link and relevance to the Parish Mission, Vision and governance.

               1973                                   2009