About Hastings Family Day Care

 Family Day Care provides a unique alternative to traditional centre based care, based on a creative learning environment supporting every stage of your child's growth and development.

    Maximum seven children to one Educator (4 under school age)
      Emphasis on individual learning and education
      Educators registered to nationally accredited Family Day Care Scheme
      Flexible hours and care tailored to your needs
      Same Educator to build stable relationships and routine
      Government Child Care Benefit and Childcare Rebate available

Trained Family Day Care Educators utilise their understanding of children's individual strengths and interests to allow children to learn through play and exploration.

For parents, Hastings Family Day Care understands busy lives and knows that flexibility is key to the wellbeing of parents and children.  Hours of care can be arranged to match each family's child care needs.

For children, being nurtured and having the opportunity to develop in a secure, small group environment, and mixing with diverse ages and cultures is a great way to build confidence, self esteem and social skills.

"My daughter has been attending Hastings Family Day Care now for most of the year.  She is our first child and we were hesitant sending her to any form of day care.  Now we cannot imagine her being cared for by anyone better qualified than her Educator.  Her service is a credit to your organisation."

Hastings Family Day Care years caters for young babies through to pre-teens and offers care and education in a safe, secure and stimulating home environment during standard hours, before/after school, during school holidays and in some circumstances overnight and weekends.

About Family Day Care Educators

Hastings Family Day Care Educators are people whose personal qualities reflect community diversity – of families, values and cultures – empathy, warmth, flexibility & professionalism

Educators are required to hold a minimum Certificate III in Children's Services.  They are recruited, trained and resourced by the local specialist coordination team. In the Port Macquarie Hastings area the local specialist team is Hastings Family Day Care, an activity of St Joseph's Family Services.

Hastings Family Day Care Coordination Unit

The key role of the coordination unit is to support and resource the highest standard of family day care for children. They are there to discuss your childcare needs, to provide information about child care and to assist you to find the right care options for your child. 

Educators are visited regularly by qualified fieldworkers who work in partnership with the Educators to uphold organisational values and meet required Legislation, National Standards and the formal Assessment and Quality Ratings process.

See HFDC Quality Rating

Click on the following link to hear further information from the CEO of NSW Family Day Care Association, as well as a Family Day Care Educator and a parent.