Welcome to St Agnes Early Education Centre

A unique 90 place purpose built service, with state of the art facilities, catering for young children and their families. Our family focussed Early Childhood Centre, known affectionately as ‘St Aggies’, is set on large grounds with beautifully designed indoor and outdoor environments that invite children’s play and discovery.

The architecturally designed facilities complement children’s indoor and outdoor programs with attention paid to the safety, security and supervision of children at all times.

The advantages of our Early Education setting

Our programs are individualised and cater for the ever changing needs of your growing child/ren. Care and Early Childhood education is available for children from 6 weeks of age up to school age, all in the same facility, ensuring families with siblings are easily accommodated.

Well qualified and skilled educators plan and implement education programs between the hours of 7.30am - 6.00pm

The preparation for school does not only begin in the 4-5 year old room but are viewed as a culmination of skills being developed, enhanced and consolidated in all age groups and refined before school entry.

Our Early Education centre staff team includes a University qualified teacher in each room with all other staff holding TAFE qualifications. Employing highly qualified, experienced staff as well as maintaining a High Quality rating in the Quality Assurance and Accreditation program ensures your child will have access to quality care and an optimal early childhood education.

What can our Centre offer you and your family?

Our centre meets your child’s care and education requirements with our highly qualified, skilled and committed Educators. We regard it as a priority to spend time getting to know your child as an individual and to establishing a meaningful rapport with you and your child/ren. Educators are committed to establishing strong links between the centre and the home environment helps to ensure each child receives consistent quality care and education characterised by effective communication and the active exchange of information.

We cater for working, studying and job seeking families and our highly qualified and experienced Educators provide the highest standards of care and early childhood education for your child.

St Agnes Early Education Centre is open for the extended hours of 7.30 am to 6pm, Monday to Friday to cater for the different working needs of families. St Agnes is open 49 weeks of the year, closing for approximately 2 weeks during the Christmas holiday period and on Public Holidays. Children aged 6 weeks to 6 years participate in dynamic program’s that stimulates life long learning.

Whilst priority of access ensures the place of working, studying and job seeking parents and children with special needs as our top priority the generous daily capacity of 90 places per day helps to accommodate the needs of families with other requirements. Our centre encourages the attendance of all children to maximise their learning potentials in a highly social and family orientated environment.

Our centre provides you with flexibility in attendance patterns according to your requirements. Children may attend consecutive days, staggered days or on full time basis depending on the individual needs of the children and or family.  Educators understand it is vital for parents to know their child is safe, secure and having fun in a high quality learning environment enabling them to focus on their own demands of work or study.

The centre has up-to-date child care practises and Educators demonstrate their commitment to further develop as professionals by attending current in- services and training to ensure they are delivering a current and relevant Early Childhood curriculum.

Our centre also has an extended range of services to help support you and your family. These programs include the Family Links program which complements our service by assisting parents with individual concerns by providing helpful current information and strategies in care giving practises and child development.

Our Beliefs 

Our philosophy of supporting children and having a positive influence on their lives are reflected by Educators. Our Centre endeavours to contribute to assist in developing a strong and sustainable community. 

We believe a link between the child’s home environment and a quality Early Childhood curriculum plays a significant role in extending Early Childhood development and laying the foundations for successful learning. 

We promote a sense of “Belonging, Being & Becoming” for all children and their families. Through positive communication and genuine interactions.