Learning & Development

This is why we play

Conclusive international research supports Early Childhood as being a vital period in children's learning and development.  The first five years in the life of a child are the most important to maximise their potential and develop a foundation for future learning.

We work in partnership with families to create a learning program that is dynamic, complex, holistic and unique, with the ultimate goal of the children becoming confident and involved learners.

Programs are based on Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) a new national framework for children, birth to 5 years.  Through the frameworks five learning goals, educators will assist your child to develop:

  • A strong sense of identity

  • Connection with their world

  • A strong sense of wellbeing

  • Confidence and involvement in their learning

  • Effective communications                                                         (EYLF 2009)

Play is a joyous, creative unique experience and is the work of early childhood, and an essential part of learning and development.

Educators plan opportunities for intentional teaching and knowledge building whilst valuing spontaneous teachable moments within our daily learning.

This is how we play

Our rooms are welcoming spaces that reflect the children and families within the class.  They are flexible, dynamic spaces that are changed based on the interests and abilities of the group.  We encourage families and children to contribute their ideas, interests and comments in relation to our learning environments.

We plan our play spaces with appropriate levels of challenge and the children are encouraged to explore, experiment, investigate, problem solve and inquire to extend their learning.

At “preschool”, we use a variety of strategies to document rich and meaningful information to depict the children’s strengths, skills and understandings.

As educators, we endeavour to develop the child’s sense of becoming, belonging and being to enrich their confidence in viewing themselves as successful learners.  Our daily learning encompasses a wide range of activities providing a range of active and restful opportunities throughout the day.  These activities include:

  •  Language and literacy

  • Music and movement

  • Numeracy

  • Science

  • Visual arts

  • Drama

  • Fine and gross motor activities

  • Sensory integration

  • Introduction to computers & technology

As educators, we recognise the importance of both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. The children are divided into small groups in order to engage in sustained shared social play and collaborative learning.

Our goal is to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners.  We are teaching them ‘how’ to learn, not just in this setting, but all through their lives so that they will learn at their own pace and in the ways that are best for them.

We provide a warm, fun and family orientated environment in which all children are treated as special individuals, and where our children are given an environment which fosters a deep sense of security, basic trust and acceptance of themselves and others.


Our program is a reflection of the children’s interests and daily experiences. Events are recorded and displayed for you to view in the audio visual daily documentation record.  Please take the time to view these as this can be helpful to start conversations with your child about their day.

Developmental records, observations and social interactions will determine how we individually cater for and promote your child’s interests and skills.  This is also documented in each child’s individual portfolio.

We are interested in, and care about your child as an individual and can best plan for him/her if you discuss your child with us.